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January 21, 2018

Washington Register’s It’s First Ocean Friendly Restaurant

Surfrider volunteers are constantly giving their time to improve beach access, water-quality, and reduce the unsightly and harmful garbage we find on our beaches. A relatively new program to the Surfrider network, Ocean Friendly Restaurants (OFR), looks to reduce pollution, such as single-use plastics, at the source before they meet the waste stream. The Ocean Friendly Restaurants program offers restaurants an easy way to show their commitment to making sustainable choices for our ocean. 
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January 11, 2018

Trump Administration Announces Plans To Open Washington Coast To Offshore Drilling, It’s Time to #DefendOurCoast

Last week, the Trump administration announced plans to expand offshore drilling on over 90% of the Outer Continental Shelf along America’s coastline, including our wild and rugged Washington Coast. This new drilling puts our nation’s coastal communities, beaches, surf breaks, and marine ecosystems at risk of a catastrophic oil spill. Included in this post are an array of actions that can be taken in the near future to speak up and help #DefendOurCoast.
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January 10, 2018

Atlantic Salmon Net Pens in Washington Need to be Phased Out

Since August—when over 160,000 non-native salmon escaped into Puget Sound— there has been an outcry of public concern over the threat Atlantic salmon net pens pose to our already struggling wild fish populations and the complex ecosystems they rely on and support.
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January 8, 2018

2018 Washington Legislative Session Begins, Will There be Coastal Victories?

This week, State Legislators convened in Olympia for the start of the 2018 legislative session. Being an even numbered year, this will be the short 60 day session, rather than the 105 day session of odd numbered years. There are a number of important issues that will be considered, including several bills that are important for our ocean, waves and beaches as well as the Washington Environmental Priorities Coalition. Below is a run down on a few of the issues, and ways to help you as a citizen find your voice in the important legislative process. 
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December 22, 2017

2017 Annual Recap: Solid Victories, Leadership Development, and Campaign & Program Advancement

2017 was a banner year for Surfrider Foundation in Washington thanks to the dedication of our chapter leaders. Together, we achieved 5 coastal victories in Washington that resulted in improved access, water quality, and protection of our coastal quality of living. We also saw great progress in some of our long running campaigns and programs, including the Surfrider Leadership Academy on the Washington Coast. Check out some of the highlights, and get fired up for more action in 2018!
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December 20, 2017

Surfrider Leadership Academy – 2017 Style

You know the saying: Another year, another fantastic Surfrider Leadership Academy! Last week, the 2017 class of the Surfrider Leadership Academy gathered for their final retreat in Port Angeles. This year’s class demonstrated impressive development of their skills and ability to engage their community in the short period of time they were together, culminating in a really interesting group project that is teaming with potential. For this post, we’ll recap the journey this group followed. As a reminder, we shared a blog post recapping the 2016 Leadership Academy which focused largely on Marshall Ganz’s public narrative framework. Take a look if you need a refresher on that aspect of the program as we’ll mostly be focusing on other elements this time around.
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December 15, 2017

Keep Tacoma Feared

Over the last several years, Washington residents have fought tooth and nail against a blitz of coal and oil export proposals in the state. A state that once never seriously exported these dirty and dangerous products was in the bullseye for a major change and massive export. Due to the hundreds of thousands of public comments, public testimonies, letters to the editor, and other grassroots engagement, all of these proposals are on the verge of being prevented. Recognizing the fight never ends, a coalition of partners formed in Tacoma to take the fight to the non-traditional local industry by establishing a network who’s goal would be to prevent any new fossil fuel facilities in the Tacoma Tideflats. 
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December 11, 2017

Take Action to Protect Washington’s Waters from Atlantic Salmon Net Pens

If you read the local news regularly, you’ve probably seen all of the recent attention regarding Atlantic Salmon net pens following the escape of hundreds of thousands of fish from the Cypress Island facility back in August. Below is a short synopsis of the most recent information, locally and statewide in efforts to protect our waters from this threat. 
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December 5, 2017

December King Tides on the Olympic Coast and Strait of Juan De Fuca

Surfrider staff recently had the opportunity to participate in a flight provided by LightHawk to witness the December 4th King Tide along the Olympic Coast and Strait of Juan De Fuca in efforts to raise awareness about future sea level rise and promote coastal adaptation planning. Check out some of the cool pictures of some special places!
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November 27, 2017

Final Recommendations and Decision Expected Soon for Tesoro-Savage Oil Terminal in Vancouver

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted about the proposal to build the largest oil terminal in North America within the City of Vancouver and our campaign to Protect the Columbia River. With the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) meeting soon to review the Final Environmental Impact Statement and make their recommendations to Governor Jay Inslee for the final decision, we thought it might be a good time to catch up on this important campaign.
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