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March 4, 2014

WCMAC Adopts MSP Goals and Objectives

The Washington Coastal Marine Advisory Council (WCMAC) recently held its quarterly meeting and Surfrider Washington is happy to report that the Council has officially adopted the goals and objectives that will drive the upcoming Marine Spatial Planning Process (MSP)!

This milestone could not have been completed without the support of our members and partners in Washington. As you likely know, we have been working on a long time to provide comments and feedback to the development of the MSP guiding documents. We have  been involved in multiple stakeholder workshops, in particular two full-day seminars presented by Washington Seagrant, and we also had over 30 participants at our NW Chapter Summit in Westport in September.

PNW Conference Group Pic

All of this preparation led to a great response in the public comment, and Surfrider members and partners had more comments than anyone else in the State!

One of the biggest provisions added to the MSP Goals and Objectives was specific language that added “protect and preserve existing sustainable uses” to the planning document. These words had been highly debated in previous WCMAC meetings, but in the end our comments led to a specific change in the MSP process that will hopefully directly lead to environmental conservation and recreational access protections on the ground.

In addition, Washington Pacific Coast Coordinator, Casey Dennehy, was instrumental in his role on the WCMAC and also as Chair of the Grays Harbor MRC. Through his leadership, we were able to connect with many stakeholders through the region and ask for these important changes to the goals and objectives.

For more information about the WCMAC:

For more information about Marine Spatial Planning:

March 4, 2014

Chapter Events and Meetings a Plenty!

Looking to get involved with Surfrider in your local community? There’s lots going on from beach cleanups in the South Sound, movie screenings and events in Seattle, water quality programs in Bellingham, to the upcoming Earth Day cleanups at locations such as Hobuck Beach. Check out the Washington Chapters page to connect with your local chapter on all the good work thats being done at the local level.

February 19, 2014 | 1 Comment

Fukushima Radiation Frequently Asked Questions

Illustration by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan is affecting the health and safety of those living along the Eastern Pacific (West Coast of the US and Canada). We have put together this Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) to help address the most common questions we are getting.

1. Is Surfrider tracking concerns that radiation from Fukushima is affecting the West Coast?

Yes. We are carefully following the results of scientific studies that are being conducted to evaluate the potential spread of radiation from Fukushima to the Pacific Coast via air, water and marine life.  We have summarized these issues and have provided links to further information in our Beachapedia article Radiation From Fukushima. We are updating this article constantly.

2. Is the news out there regarding Fukushima correct and accurate?

There are a lot of conflicting reports in the news and on various websites and blogs.  There have been many sensationalist reports that are not supported by scientific data and studies.  Again, we’ve summarized the latest verifiable data and reports in our Beachapedia article, which also contains links to responses to some of the blogs and news reports that have raised concerns. An example is this article written by a Surfrider Foundation staff scientist that was published in The Inertia.

The entire FAQ article can be found here.

February 14, 2014

Get Involved With Shoreline Master Plan (SMP) Updates!

February 13, 2014

Oil Transportation Safety – Action Needed

Aloha Surfrider Washington!

It’s been a very busy month in Olympia and we are working hard to secure critical oil transportation safety measures to protect our local coasts.

The Oil Transportation Safety Act  – House Bill 2347 has made it out of the House Environment Committee and Appropriations Committee and is now being reviewed by the Rules Committee. If all goes well, and HB2347 is voted out of the Rules Committee, the bill will receive a vote by the House of Representatives. This vote will take place by February 18, at the latest.


IMG_3570 - Version 2

(Westport. Photo: J.Carben/Surfrider)

The main provisions of HB 2347 currently are:

More Details

February 6, 2014

OTSA needs a boost!

It’s been a bit of good and bad news of late with the Oil Transportation and Safety Act (OTSA). This week HB 2347 passed the state House Environment Committee but is currently held up and not getting the needed support in the Senate Energy, Environment, and Telecommunications Committee. Please let your local senator know that you support the OTSA as the legislation will enact more safety measures and protection from oil spills and accidents in our oceans, waves, and beaches. For questions on how to engage or for more info contact Joel or Brice.

January 23, 2014

OTSA – Surfrider Comments & Resources

To follow on our last post regarding the Oil Transportation Safety Act (OTSA), yesterday was the introduction of House Bill (HB) 2347 to the House Committee on the Environment.

Surfrider prepared and presented our comments, mainly focusing on the risks of oil transport to our local communities with a specific focus on the recreational use economy, which is valued at 2.4 billion in OR (we will learn more about our WA rec economy during the MSP process, but we believe the total may be close to that of OR).

If you would like to see the entire Committee hearing video, including Surfrider’s comments (at the 155 minute mark), please tune into TVW:

Additional resources regarding OTSA and the House Committee on Environment

More Details

January 21, 2014

Oil Transportation and Safety Act

It’s that time of the year again. The time when elected officials make their way to Olympia to debate and decide on issues that impact all of this. The principle issue catching Surfrider’s attention this upcoming legislative session is the Oil Transportation and Safety Act (OTSA). A piece of legislation that can go a long ways toward protecting our oceans, waves, and beaches in Washington state. For more information check out the Seattle Times article, or to get involved contact Brice!

January 3, 2014

Yeah…it’s worth it.

Happy 2014 Surfrider Washington members and friends!

The Surfrider Washington Crew (Casey, Brice, and Joel) are excitedly looking forward to working with you in the year ahead to protect (and surf) our coast. Thanks to your support we had a very productive 2013, with a range of accomplishments from securing $3.7 million for Marine Spatial Planning to producing a very cool video about our region to getting our core members activated around potential coal and crude terminal projects.

In the year ahead we are working to be more active on the ground on the outer coast and Puget Sound and focused on policy issues in Olympia. Future updates will outline our goals and objectives in 2014 but for now the focus we be on determining the best way to bring our members voice to the table when major coastal decisions are being made regarding conservation and economic development in our coastal communities.

More Details

December 28, 2013

Have a Great Holiday Season

Thanks to all the Surfrider volunteers for all the amazing work you do! Have a great holiday season with family and friends. See ya in the water.

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