Chapter leaders come together around a new year and breakdown what went well and what obstacles need to be overcome. Recently, chapters gathered in a variety of locations discussing a range of issues that they view as important for access and water quality in 2015. The list is long and the goals are big but they are obtainable with the active support & engagement from our grassroots network.

The Olympic Peninsula Chapter kicked off 2015 with a plan that involved several different avenues to keeping it clean and beaches accessible on the straits. The chapter is investing in water quality monitoring at several beaches to provide additional support to the county when they cannot test, informing recreators on the status of the water they are playing in. Additionally, support of public toilets and maintaining parking lots remains significant. It doesn’t end there as they are also looking to continue their work on the science side investing in information gathering and cleanups at the Elwa and throughout the straits. Top it off with a new scholarship for conservation commitments and the chapter continues to impress.

OPC Workday 1

In true Tacoma style the South Sound Chapter met up around the Foss Waterway and looked back to what was one of the best years in growth seen from a chapter in Washington. They hammered out their expanding Blue Water Task Force program, scheduled their monthly beach cleanups, and discussed their International Surfring Day plans for 2015. The chapter has and will continue to host a monthly speaker series that draws the crowds so if you live in the South Sound area you are in luck if you’d like to learn more about local marine issues.

Yowkwalla 2

Bellingham is a community full of life and stocked with people who really love their waters. Whether a chapter member or a Western Washington University club member, this community has it going on along with their fair share of Surfrider supporters. Being the adventurous bunch they are, the Northwest Straits Chapter and the WWU Surfrider Club made the trek to Hobuck Beach for their annual planning. After meeting on the beach for a few hours both groups walked away with a more formalized vision on how to best utilize each others resources in order to best protect their backyard as well as engage in statewide issues. BWTF remains the big program along with continued stewardship at Whirlwind Beach as well as an upcoming speaker series similar to that as the South Sound. A great community and an excellent bunch of activists continue to work for clean water in the bham area.

NWS Annual Planning Selfy

The Seattle Chapter is making strides at reducing the adverse impacts of storm water runoff and step one is to hold on to your butt. Cigarettes are the most littered item we find on the beach and the chapters current HOTYB program looks to stay strong in 2015. That, and a slew of events starting February 26th at Stoup Brewery, provide the opportunity to expand the program and share ideas on emerging issues. With coastal cleanups and local sound based opportunities Seattle is prime and set for 2015.

Earth Day Golden Gardens