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Coast & Ocean Legislation

The 2023 Legislative Session in Washington has wrapped up for the year. These were our priority policies for the session. Stay tuned for what we're taking on in 2024!

After each legislative session, we re-evaluate our priorities and opportunities. Since bills can only be introduced in January of each year, we use the interim to have follow-up conversations with our legislators and identify champions for our priority bills. We will continue to fight for comprehensive plastic policies and support efforts to ensure clean water and enhance coastal resiliency throughout western Washington.

Plastic Pollution

The WRAP Act – R.I.P. – for now…

HB 1131 / SB 5154: The Washington Recycling And Packaging (WRAP) Act will overhaul how we manage waste here in Washington by implementing Extended Producer Responsibility, which essentially makes the producers of wasteful packaging pay for the end of life of that packaging.

Latest Update:

SB 5154 was heard in the Senate Committee on Environment, Energy & Technology at 1:30 pm, Tuesday, Jan 17
Results from public positions: 1443 Pros – 32 Cons

Voted out of executive session in the Senate Committee on Environment, Energy & Technology at 8:00 am on February 3, 2023 – hooray!

HB 1131 was heard in the House Committee on Environment & Energy before 4:00 pm Tuesday, Jan 17
Results from public positions: 1504 Pros

Unfortunately, the WRAP Act did not survive this year. Simply put, it did not have the votes necessary in the House of Representatives to pass. We are disappointed at this outcome, but it’s important to remind ourselves that this legislation was a huge lift that has taken many years to pass in other states. We will continue working on it in the future.

We are working on implementing the first part of the WRAP through a budget proviso. Currently, this has been included in both the Senate and House draft budgets and will fund the following in the next year:

  • Do a technical study of feasible recycling, reuse, and elimination rates in WA.
  • Surveys and listening sessions with diverse communities across the state about their values and opinions about waste reduction and recycling (re glass, metal, paper, plastic) today, their experience, and what they would like to see. 

This work should significantly help elevate awareness of extended producer responsibility and collect data that can be used to argue its value to policymakers in the future , as well as build public support on this complex issue. If anything has shown us in this process, it is that most people believe our system for recycling in our state is broken and needs a serious overhaul. 

A HUGE thank you to our legislative champions Rep. Berry and Senator Rolfes for their work and dedication to plastic reduction in our state. 

A $500K proviso for the study has been included in both budgets and we are waiting to see if we can hold on to this full amount in the final Budget.

Trifecta Plastics Bill – VICTORY!

HB 1085: This bill will reduce plastic pollution in three ways. It will ban future installations of foam-filled docks, require lodging establishments to replace single-use plastic mini-toiletries with refillable body care products (shampoos, conditioners, etc), and will require any new installations of water drinking fountains to have attached water refill stations.

Latest Update: PASSED!!!!! Governor Inslee signed this bill into law on April 20th

This bill had its first hearing on Tuesday, Jan 10 in the House Committee on Environment & Energy at 4:00 PM. You can watch the recording here. Huge shout out to everyone who signed in Pro!

HB 1085 Passed the House with unanimous bipartisan support and is now in the Senate.  It made it through the Senate Environment Committee and was passed out of the Ways and Means Committee on April 3rd. We hope this bill makes it to the Senate for a vote very soon. 

HB 1085 Passed the Senate on Saturday, April 7th with a bipartisan vote of 37-11 (one excused), the Governor has 40 days to sign this bill into law.

A huge thanks to all of you who have written, signed in pro, or testified on this great little law!

Trifecta Plastics Bill resources:

Clean Water

Coastal Preservation

Climate and Growth Management – VICTORY!

HB 1181 / SB 5203: Ensure we are incorporating climate change (including sea level rise and increasing storm severity) into Growth Management planning.

GREAT NEWS! HB 1181 passed the Senate on April 7th and changes were approved in the House on April 13 (55 yeas, 41 nays). The bill was signed into law May 3rd.

Climate and Growth Management resources:

Ocean Protection

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