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2018 Clean Water Classic Goes Off

The Washington coast can be a rugged location with weather changing from high wind and rain to sunny and calm all in a day. In September, the Clean Water Classic surf contest returned for it's 17th year with wild weather Saturday followed by that wonderful sunshine that lights up the sandy beaches and dunes on the coast.  The contest, held in Westport, Washington, is an annual fundraiser for the Pacific Northwest chapters of the Surfrider Foundation that includes British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. Over the years, the CWC has raised tens of thousands of dollars to support local Surfrider led programs and campaigns. For a visual recap of the event, please read on and be sure to see the contest video for some stunning visuals recapping the what was a fun, wet, and wild weekend! 

The Future Rippers of the PNW Getting Ready for their Heat. Photo: Sheri Foreman

Surfers were met with difficult conditions Saturday with strong winds, sideways rain and choppy surf at best. The contest kicks off at 7:15am just as it's light enough for judges to see the jerseys and for spotters to safely watch surfers. With the rain and a temp of just above 50 degrees it was a true to form Pacific Northwest surf weekend. Despite the conditions, all stayed positive as everyone understood the fun nature of the event and what it gives to the Westport community and to local Surfrider chapters. As the rain and wind increased the remaining afternoon heats were postponed and moved to Sunday in hopes of better conditions.

Contestant Waiting for his Saturday Heat

Following the postponement of the Saturday afternoon heats, the party at Loge Camps was met with a stunning break in weather as the wind stopped and the sun broke out. With title sponsor 10 Barrel Brewing beverages on site and food donated by Yodelin and Hama Hama the party was set for a wonderful evening. The fiesta brings together contestants, volunteers, and friends and familes to the Loge at Westport with live music and a raffle/silent auction. The evening provided a perfect setting and laid the foundation for anticipation of Sunday waves.

CWC 2018 After Party Gets Started

Sunday did indeed go off with sunny weather, calm winds, and fun surf. The contest once again was a success as smiles and high fives were frequent on the beach throughout the day and into the awards ceremony. With trophies handed out for all divisions and prize money for mens and women pro/am short board, many celebrated their success with their friends and fellow competitors. The contest raised over 10k dollars for local programs and campaigns benefitting water quality and beach access in the Pacific Northwest and was once again a huge success. Be sure to see the contest video and check-out Lost River Photography's blog post for more highlights and pictures from the weekend. For any questions related to the event, please contact WA Field Manager Brice Boland. 

Photo: Lost River Photography