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A rugged Alaskan coastline with snow capped mountains in the background


A Rising Tide of Activism, Part 2: Surfrider Alaska


Far to the north, where the icy waters of Alaska crash against the breathtaking fjords and towering glaciers of the Kenai Peninsula, Surfrider Foundation finds a foothold on the rocky shores of Homer, Alaska. While the Kenai Peninsula may seem worlds away from the sunny beaches of Surfrider's humble beginnings in California, its coastal ecosystems are unparalleled and deserve our collective appreciation and stewardship.

Did you know...

Alaska has more coastline than the rest of the continental US combined!  Over 6000 miles of it - that number jumps to well over 30,000 if you include the 2600+ islands. Needless to say, it just seems right that Surfrider, one of the largest grassroots organizations in the world that focuses on coastal conservation, establishes a presence along the rugged, untamed shores of The Last Frontier. 

A rugged shoreline with snow capped mountains off the horizon on a blue sky day

Fun fact: The name Alaska comes from the Aleut idiom "alaxsxaq," which translates into "the object towards which the action of the sea is directed." 

Enter: The Kenai Peninsula Chapter

The KPC got its origins when Marcy Melville, former event coordinator for the Seattle Chapter, moved back to Homer two summers ago. Since then, she's been busy laying the groundwork for Surfrider Alaska to come into being!

The KPC has been busy this winter! Not only have they hosted multiple local film screenings and chapter get-togethers, and have already completed seven beach cleanups and counting, but they've signed up the first-ever Alaskan Ocean Friendly Restaurant, the Honey Bistro, and just completed the first-ever Alaska Coastal Recreation Hill Days

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The KPC has been busy, hosting cleanups, film screenings, chapter events, and meeting with federal congressional leaders to advocate for policies to stop plastic pollution and protect clean water

Do people actually surf in Alaska?!

Yes. Yes they do. More on that in future posts! 

** Please note that the ability to surf is NOT a prerequisite to volunteering with us! 


Help make Surfrider Alaska history - Support the Kenai Peninsula Chapter today!

Getting a new chapter off the ground is no easy feat! It requires incredible dedication, commitment, and creativity. It also costs money. Chapters are responsible for raising their own funds, and it's challenging to start from scratch with limited resources to provide simple things like pizza at chapter meetings or purchase beach cleanup supplies. Your donations go directly to supporting local, on-the-ground activism - click here to make a donation to the Kenai Peninsula Chapter!