Washington Region


For a full list of past victories and ongoing campaigns please visit the Surfrider national campaign page to see what’s happening in Washington and around the country. 

Pass a fossil fuel moratorium Interim Regulation for the Tacoma Tideflats. (Victory!!! Get the story here)

As a deep water port, the city of Tacoma and Commencement Bay are under threat from expansion of existing or development of future fossil fuel facilities. The South Sound chapter is part of a coalition of community groups covering a wide array of interests who support a city council passed moritorium on new fossil fuel development or expansion in the Tacoma Tideflats.

Care For The Cove (Update, Victory!!! Get the story here)

In 1998, a settlement agreement, lasting for the life of the project (50 years), was agreed upon by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Surfrider Foundation to ensure sand replenishment both onshore and offshore of Half Moon Bay. Since 2013, sand replenishment has not occurred due to unavailability of the Yaquina, and degradation of the recreational value of this beach is occurring. In conjunction with further risks to the City of Westport due to erosion, we would like to ensure (as required in the settlement agreement) annual sand replenishment is reinstated with long term monitoring of sand replenishment including its effects to the beach profile and bathymetry.

Marine Spatial Planning (Update, Victory!!! Get the story here)
IMG_3570 - Version 2
The Surfrider Foundation is actively engaged in Marine Spatial Planning efforts for the Washington Coast. Our goal is to be proactive in protecting the ocean ecosystem and recreational areas along our coast, before they’re threatened. Contact our Washington Policy Manager for more information: ggates@surfrider.org

Seattle Smoke Free Parks (Update, Victory!!! Get the story here)
The Seattle chapter is working with a variety of partners to support smoke free parks in Seattle. The city currently has a rule that asks those smoking to be twenty-five feet from other park-goers. The proposed rule change sent from the city to the Parks Commissioners will make smoking in all parks unlawful. The chapter is advocating for this rule change as cigarette butts are the number one item found on their beach cleanups in the area with countless amounts making it into our local marine waters.

Save Cherry Point (Update, Victory!!! Get the story here)

At Cherry Point in Bellingham Bay, a company is looking to build a coal export terminal to ship coal to Asia. This project threatens local wetlands, water quality, air quality, and approximately 11 endangered species. For more information please contact the Northwest Straits Chapter at nws@surfrider.org. You can also get more information at nws.surfrider.org.

Oil Export Terminals are Not The Answer in Gray’s Harbor (Update, Victory!!! Get the story here)
Oil Train
There are 3 proposed crude oil export terminals for Gray’s Harbor. Surfrider is part of a group of stakeholders working on this issue and have been successful getting 2 permits delayed. We would like to see all 3 permits not only delayed but removed from consideration.

Shoreline Master Program Updates for Pacific & Grays Harbor Counties
Westport Sunset
The Surfrider Foundation is actively involved in Shoreline Master Program (SMP) updates in Pacific & Grays Harbor Counties. Our goal is to have updated County Shoreline Master Plans that have robust protections of critical ecosystems and ecosystem services while ensuring shoreline resiliency and human access. For more information, contact Surfrider Washington Coastal Program Manager at: cdennehy@surfrider.org