The Westport area provides some of the most accessible beach access and consistent surf on the Washington coast. With Westhaven State Park on one side of the community and “the groins” on the other, there are different spots to beach walk, take in the view, and of course surf based on swell, wind, and other environmental factors. Not too long ago “The Cove” (or Half Moon Bay as it’s also called) would break fairly consistently and provided another location in the Westport area. However, in recent years that break has not worked near as well as it did in the past impacting recreation while also losing a critical sediment barrier protecting downtown Westport. 

The construction of the South Jetty, North Jetty, and Groins in Westport, WA, and Ocean Shores, has created a beneficial navigable channel for vital commerce in Southwest Washington. The interaction of these manmade structures with nature over the last 100 years have also resulted in a variety of recreational and environmental impacts that have had to be mitigated. One of these impacts is the creation and maintenance of Half Moon Bay.

The Cove peeling.

Current Status and Goal:
In 1998, a settlement agreement, lasting for the life of the project (50 years), was agreed upon by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Surfrider Foundation to ensure sand replenishment both onshore and offshore of Half Moon Bay. Since 2013, sand replenishment has not occurred due to unavailability of the drag vessel Yaquina, and degradation of the recreational value of this beach is occurring. In conjunction with further risks to the City of Westport due to erosion and storm surge, we would like to ensure (as required in the settlement agreement) annual sand replenishment is reinstated with long term monitoring of sand replenishment, and adaptive management including its effects to the beach profile, bathymetry, and wave quality.

Presentation on The Cove in Westport February 2nd

February 2nd Presentation:
The Capitol Chapter, led by avid Westport surfer and chapter Secretary Sasha Medlen, have been active presenting the history and current status of the cove at various Surfrider chapter meetings over the last few months. Taking the presentation to it’s home waters, Sasha will present in Westport February 2nd, at 6:30pm at Green Door Supper Club located at 260 E. Dock St. The event is free to the public and all are welcome. For any questions related to this campaign or the upcoming presentation, please contact the Capitol chapter.