The Washington Coastal Marine Advisory Council is pleased to announce the Save the Date for the Coastal Economic Resilience Webinar Series.

Photo credit: Gus Gates, aerial support provided by LightHawk


Washington Coastal Marine Advisory Council’s (WCMAC) Coastal Economic Resilience Webinar Series

Nov. 2020 to Feb. 2021

The goal of these virtual webinars and workshop is to define a collective future vision for economic resilience on the Washington coast and develop recommendations that will better equip communities to address this complex problem and advance alternative paths. The objectives are as follows: 

·         Create a shared understanding about economic resilience challenges on the Washington coast.

·         Generate and compile a list of projects in coastal communities that support the vision for economic resilience and require funding, indicating those in opportunity zones.

·         Identify potential opportunities for supporting projects (e.g., grant programs and other funding sources).

·         Inform and shape recommendations from WCMAC to Governor’s Office for building economic resilience on the Washington coast and elevating the conversation statewide.

The four webinar topics and dates will be:

·         Tourism, Nov. 12 from 10am – 12pm, WebEx registration listed above

·         Forest resources and industries, December 10, 2-4pm Register here

·         Ocean and marine industries, January 14, time TBD

·         Economic resilience, February 11, time TBD