This past summer the Washington Department of Ecology proposed a federal No Discharge Zone (NDZ) for Puget Sound to protect our waterways from pathogens and bacteria like fecal coliform that exceed water quality standards and threaten human health and sensitive habitat. A NDZ prohibits discharge of all treated or untreated vessel sewage from all vessels in the Sound. More info and ways to lend your support included below.

Evening paddle, Bellingham Bay.

Evening paddle, Bellingham Bay.

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This proposal is a reasonable step in the right direction as pathogens living in sewage can travel up to three miles, and remain viable for 24 hours after discharge. Those of us who enjoying kayaking, diving, swimming, and SUP’ing in the Sound want to know that the waters won’t make us sick. Check out the 10 reasons why this is a good idea put together by our partners at the Washington Environmental Council.

The Environmental Protection Agency has made a preliminary affirmative determination that there are enough resources available for sewage disposal from vessels to support Ecology’s proposal for a Sound-wide NDZ. More info on the process background, status, FAQ’s, and why this all matters from the Department of Ecology.

The deadline for submitting comments was recently extended to December 23rd, 2016. The EPA needs to hear from you with your support, please take 5 minutes and lend your personal support for this important step today!