Whether at home, at the beach or at work, we all affect the condition of our local water. It is our responsibility to help prevent pollution from reaching our waterways. The Surfrider Foundation’s Clean Water Initiative makes sure that every drop counts by providing ways you can help reduce, reuse and recycle water at home and in your community so that we can enjoy our ocean, waves and beaches for years to come. Show your support for clean water this World Water Month!


World Water Month Matching Challenge: Now is your chance to double your support for the Surfrider Foundation’s efforts to conserve water and protect our ocean, waves and beaches. Speakman, Surfrider’s partner in conservation, will match every contribution, dollar for dollar, up to $75,000! All you have to do is make a donation by April 15th. Donate today!

How we treat water at home affects everyone’s local waterways and ultimately the ocean waters we love to swim, surf and play in. We all have to make every drop count because, using less water and capturing the water we do have, means less polluted water flowing through our watersheds and into our beloved ocean.

Take our #everydropcounts pledge to skip your shower on World Water Day on March 22 and learn how you can reduce your water footprint. http://surfrider.org/world-water-month/

Here’s how you can help:

1) Take the pledge.

2) Email the pledge to your contacts, including chapter, family, friends and colleagues.

3) Help share the pledge and our work on clean water! Promote via social media

Check out some of the clean water tips and make them a priority in your daily routine!