Update: Final Tacoma City Council vote this Tuesday, November 21st, beginning at 5pm, get more info here. This Tuesday, November 14th, the City Council of Tacoma will be presenting their initial draft regarding regulations to pause expansion of existing fossil fuel operations as well as new fossil fuel developments in the Tacoma Tideflats. The South Sound chapter has been present on this issue, providing written comments and giving public testimony asking the council to act on the recommendations of the city planning commission to issue interim regulations to protect Commencement Bay.

A prized area for recreation from fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and other water sports, the bay is tied to the quality of life Tacoma provides and the pride that residents have in their community. A city council motion in agreement with the planning commission would lead to a deeper and more comprehensive look at fossil fuels and their impacts to jobs, the environment and of course recreation in Commencement Bay and sourouding waterways.

Chapter Chair Stena Providing Public Comment

Tacoma needs to act now to protect this priceless resource that so many enjoy. The city needs to pass interim regulations to pause any new fossil fuel expansion that threatens this amazing body of water. Please make your voice heard by attending the city council meeting Tuesday, November 14th at 5pm by showing up in support, providing public comment, or sharing this information with your network. You can also contact your city council representative directly. For any questions and more ways to get involved, contact the South Sound chapter. For more information and talking points see this comprehensive summary and talking points courtesy of Citizens for a Healthy Bay.