All five chapters and the Western Washington University club joined over 500 others for the 2019 Environmental Lobby Day in Olympia. With several bills that our network is actively supporting, it was a prime opportunity to show our robust strength in the state and receive new advocacy skill trainings. Read on to hear more and/or contact your local chapter to learn what next opportunities are on the horizon to support key legislation for our oceans, waves and beaches.

The morning began with trainings and district meetings for all attendees. While Surfrider activists rallied in unison, they organized and planned legislative meetings with residents of their specific districts. The volunteers were taught the importance of telling a story of why they were there, tactics in getting elected officials attention, and brought up to speed on the bills that Surfrider and other members of the Environmental Priorities Coalition were actively supporting.

Key cornerstone issues of Surfrider activism over the years such as single-use plastic bag policies and efforts to prevent offshore drilling currently have legislation addressing the subjects. During the visits to legislative offices, members showed support to their elected officials from Port Angeles, to Bellingham, along the outer coast, to the Puget Sound, and elsewhere in support of policies that aim to preserve and protect our amazing beaches and marine environment in western Washington. As the legislative session continues to move forward, chances to make your voice heard in support of these policies are frequent and critical to see their passing. Get involved with your chapter to learn more or contact WA Field Manager Brice Boland as we continue to advocate for policies for a healthy and economically sustainable marine environment.