Surfrider volunteers are constantly giving their time to improve beach access, water-quality, and reduce the unsightly and harmful garbage we find on our beaches. A relatively new program to the Surfrider network, Ocean Friendly Restaurants (OFR), looks to reduce pollution, such as single-use plastics, at the source before they meet the waste stream. The Ocean Friendly Restaurants program offers restaurants an easy way to show their commitment to making sustainable choices for our ocean. 

Three chapters in Washington have begun researching OFR and searching for the best path forward to utilize this program in their communities. The Northwest Straits, South Sound, and Capitol chapters have all demonstrated interest and either had or will have this program as a key piece of their 2018 annual plan.

The South Sound chapter is the first in Washington to register an Ocean Friendly Restaurant as Millville Pizza Co. in Gig Harbor, WA agreed to support the program and become a member. The chapter used a contact with the local business to approach them to sign-on as a member to support further marine debris reduction efforts and to help the chapter get it’s first business on board in hopes of reaching more businesses to expand the list of OFRs in the South Sound.

The South Sound EC Meets at Millville Pizza, Washington’s First Registered Ocean Friendly Restaurant

If you are interested in this program contact your local chapter and see how you can support their efforts in growing the list of businesses and in turn reduce the amount of debris in our oceans and on our beaches. For any question about Ocean Friendly Restaurants, please contact WA Field Manager Brice Boland