A big thanks and welcome to Erin Dilworth who has taken the lead of the Capitol chapter committing to serving as the new Chair. Erin previously served as the Volunteer Coordinator of this growing chapter, helping place volunteers in roles associated with water monitoring and beach cleanups. Get her bio in the “more details link” and big thanks to Kendall Farely for running the show the past two years! 

Erin is a Chesapeake Bay area native, who spent her summers growing up playing in the surf in Ocean City, MD. Now living in Olympia, Erin is a marine habitat biologist and is lucky enough to spend her working hours boating all over the Puget Sound.

Erin received a BS in both Natural Resources Management and Wildlife Conservation from the University of Delaware, and her MS in Natural Resources Management from Central Washington University. For her Master’s research, Erin studied the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas in protecting biodiversity of intertidal invertebrate and vegetation communities.

Skiing in the winter and hitting the beach in the summer are some of Erin’s favorite things. Her love of the beach and all things saltwater has guided Erin through her career, working to study, understand and protect marine life. Naturally, Erin was drawn to the Surfrider Foundation and has been the Volunteer Coordinator for the Olympia Chapter for the past two years. She is excited to take on more responsibility as the Chair for this budding chapter, and looking forward to becoming even more engaged in Surfrider’s unique brand of grassroots activism.