The Nautilus EV is currently exploring the sea-floor off the Washington Coast. It is the second year in a row that this cutting edge research has ventured into the depths of our coastline. Many of these areas are still mysterious and not well known. What truly makes this effort stand out from others is how open and interactive it is. The Nautilus is set up with all the high tech bells and whistles available today, most notably, the technology that allows their crew to broadcast their exploration live. Even better, they have experts on hand that describe what they’re seeing and even answer questions that are posed by viewers.

Here’s the link:

Today they’re exploring the site of the USS Bugara, which is a WWII submarine that sank near Cape Flattery and is within the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. In the coming days they will be exploring the Quinault Canyon which is considered to be one of the most biodiverse features off the coast of Washington.

An image of the USS Bugara

A special viewing event is schedule for next Monday at Gray Harbor College. A two-way communication link will be established so that those in attendance will be able to interact directly with researches. See the flyer below and make sure to join us at Grays Harbor College or tune in remotely to see the amazing resources just off our beautiful coast.